New Kitchen @ CraterWorks MakerSpace

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with CraterWorks MakerSpace in Central Point, and will be producing our goodies from their brand new, state-of-the-art, commercial kitchen!

The new kitchen will allow for larger production runs and more time in the kitchen, which means more goodies for YOU!! Ample space and multiple work areas within the kitchen allow for people to maintain distance, so Ruby will be able to welcome helpers during production soon! Since March when Covid-19 hit, Ruby has been working alone in the kitchen, so we are really excited about this opportunity to reconnect with our helpers in a larger space.

Ruby did the first production run in the new kitchen, and it was so awesome. She made special batches of our zucchini relish and mixed pickled veggies from our garden!

The mixed veggies are really unique, because every batch is a little different! This one has our own Certified Naturally Grown yellow crookneck squash, green tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers, PLUS organic Walla Walla onions from our friends at Wandering Roots Farm! In a moment of inspiration, Ruby added the organic red and green bell peppers left over from our relish-making to the mix!

Here’s a fun tour of the kitchen space!

Join Ruby for a Quick Tour!

FYI, CraterWorks MakerSpace is accepting new kitchen renters, so please check out their website for more information, or feel free to hit us up with questions (in the comments here or on our “contact us” page). They offer regular tours or the woodworking and metal shops, as well as the kitchen – please contact them to schedule your visit!

You can score the jars that Ruby made on this auspicious day… click the links below the pictures!

If you’d like to order our classic sweet relish, click the pic above!
For our mixed pickled garden veggies, please click here!

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