Physical Distancing for Social Solidarity

The CDC recommends physical distancing as a preventative strategy to keep COVID-19 (coronovirus) in check, and we are taking their recommendation seriously.

Starting March 9th, we cancelled our participation in all public events, because we interact with hundreds of people whenever we set up the booth. Physical contact is unavoidable, and maintaining the recommended social distance of 6 feet is difficult.

We are offering free no-contact local delivery (along the I-5 corridor from Ashland to Central Point). We deliver every two weeks, to ensure that we are maintaining a two-week quarantine between deliveries. Ruby wears gloves over clean hands to handle our products and packaging; she wears and mask and gloves for deliveries. Your goodies will arrive in a sealed plastic bag, so you can be confident that your food is safe.

Our next delivery dates are April 13th and April 27th.

We offer $10 flat shipping anywhere in the US, and you can get free shipping on orders over $100 (discount code FREESHIP100), so you can treat yourself to comfort food without leaving the house. More info.

Early in this crisis, we made the incredibly difficult decision to stay out of public spaces. It has been a month of staying at home so far, and it looks like we are in this situation for the long haul. We are keeping busy tending the garden, and working out new solutions to safely produce and share our artisan goodies with our community.

Is it a wicked bummer to stay home?

Will it mean less income for our small farm?
Probably, yes.

Is it the right thing to do?
YES! Community safety is the most important value that we hold sacred.

Our goodies are available at The Oregon Cheese Cave in Phoenix – and proprietor Melodie can arrange delivery or pickup.

Melodie has been a specialty foods expert for more than a decade and is fully aware of all necessary precautions for food safety and customer safety, so you can feel secure knowing that only clean, gloved hands have touched your food.

Click here for more info about the Cheese Cave.

Quarantine is better with CHEESE (and pickles!)

Local businesses are struggling to cope with this new reality, and the lost income from events being cancelled and people (customers) being encouraged (rightly) to stay home. One way that you can help is to support locally owned businesses. The Cheese Cave carries products from so many Rogue Valley businesses like ours, so when you purchase from the Cave, you are supporting many businesses with one action. If you don’t need any cheese right now (what? yes you do), consider picking up a gift card to use later.

Please click here to read further recommendations and instructions from the CDC.

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