Quarantine is Better with Cheese (& Pickles!)

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We have created a new daily ritual that is really helping us keep our sanity in these difficult and uncertain times. Every afternoon, Ruby makes a cheese platter for us to enjoy.

We decided to keep our daily cheese platter going post-quarantine; we love it so much. We get all the delicious cheese from our favorite local shop, The Oregon Cheese Cave. They stock local and European cheese, as well as cheese friends such as our pickles and preserves, charcuterie, wine and beer, artisan crackers, and more!

Featuring our blackberry dessert topping and spicy pickled veggies, with gouda, red dragon, and camembert.
Featuring cheese curds, bellevitano merlot, and camembert, with strawberries, olives, and our own Spickled Veggies and Blackberry Dessert Topping.
Featuring red dragon, bellevinano merlot, and camembert, with out Cowgirl Candy and Blackberry Dessert Topping.
Featuring chevre and bellevitano merlot, with olives, strawberries, and salami. With our own strawberry jam and organic macadamia nuts.
Featuring Chris’ homemade sourdough bread (from our “Rogue Friendship” starter), with spicy peppers, strawberries, our own Strawberry Jam.
Featuring Chris’ favorite sea salf & pepper crackers, chèvre, pickled okra, and out own strawberry jam and pickled veggie medley.
Sweet and savory platter featuring camembert and red dragon cheese, with apples, olives, chocolate, walnuts, and our own Blackberry Dessert Topping and Cowgirl Candy.
Strawberries and our own Strawberry Jam pair perfectly with our favorite soft cheeses. Pickled okra and our own Pickled Jalapeños and Pickled Veggie Medley.
Featuring local cheese curds, local chèvre, bellevitano merlot, olives, and Philippe the Baker’s baguette.
Featuring cheese curds, bellevitano merot, camembert, strawberries, and our own peach-blackberry jam and spicy pickled veggies.
Featuring cantal (French cheddar), bellevitano merlot, prosciutto, apples, pickled okra, and our own Cowgirl Candy and Peach Blackberry Jam.
Featuring chèvre, bellevitano merlot, cantal, Philippe the Baker’s baguette, plus our Spicy Pickled Veggies and Peach Blackberry Jam.
Featuring prosciutto-wrapped apples, four cheeses, our Cowgirl Candy, Pickled Veggie Medley, Certified Naturally Grown honey, and radishes from the garden.
This one was so fancy, we needed two kinds of crackers!
Delicious raw honey, just extracted today! Four cheeses, olives, and prosciutto-wrapped organic apples.
Blue cheese, camembert, cheddar, and cheese curds, with Philippe the Baker’s baguette. Olives, pickled okra, and our own Pickled Jalapeños!
Apples, dried fruit and nuts, olives, and baguette with three cheeses!
This mini-platter features blue cheese, sharp cheddar, and garlic cheese curds, with nuts, dried cranberries, and olives.
Featuring Philippe the Baker’s baguette, Mama Terra chèvre, olives, and our Blackberry Dessert Topping and Pickled Jalapeños.
Blue cheese, cheddar, garlic cheese curds, and Mt Tam, plus our own cowgirl candy, pickled veggie medley, Certified Naturally Grown honey, and freshly harvested radish from our garden. Paired with olives, nuts, raisons, and prosciutto-wrapped apples.
Cheese curds, cantal (French cheddar), and Mt Tam (triple cream), with our Certified Naturally Grown honey, spicy pickles, and garlic dill pickles. Plus olives, nuts, and crackers.
Three cheeses, with our pickled veggie medley, olives, and pickled okra.
Cheese curds, blue cheese, and cheddar with our pickled veggie medley, pickled okra, olives, apples, and nuts.
Two cheddars plus delicious camembert, with our Garlic Dill and Spicy Dill pickles, plus olives, nuts, and crackers.

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