Courageous Conversations about COVID-19

This is different than the typical content that we post here, because these are not typical times. In addition to continuing to provide healthy, artisan-crafted pickles and preserves for our community and increasing our safety protocols, Ruby has been putting her professional social work skills to good use. Before she was a farmer and beekeeper, Ruby was a social worker focused on helping children and families who were going through (or recovering from) severe trauma. In this role, she learned how to structure difficult conversations so they can be most productive.

During this time of uncertainty, we are having a lot of difficult conversations with our loved ones, and Ruby realized that she could help folks by providing templates and resources for these courageous conversations.

Please click the links below to access our templates, and please email with any suggestions, feedback, or requests for new templates for the courageous conversations you’re having, planning to have, or dreading.

Courageous Conversations with Elders and High-Risk People

Courageous Conversations with Adults who have Intellectual Disabilities

Courageous Conversations with Younger Adults (~18 to ~30)

Courageous Conversations with Housemates / Roommates

Courageous Conversations with Kids (Toddlers to Teens)

Template Email: Request Work from Home If You Are High Risk

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